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Gloria MugI BELIEVE in living life, unapologetically. My mission is to spread unapologetic self-leadership and empowerment far and wide through my own lived example, and through all of my work.

I BELIEVE in redefining the status quo and in defining our lives on our own terms. Everything I write, speak, and create is to support this intention. I have learned that when we pair unapologetic self-leadership with collaboration, we become an unstoppable force of momentum in the universe.

I NO LONGER BELIEVE that marriage is an oppressive and dated institution. NOR DO I BELIEVE in work-life balance. It’s all about integration!!

It all began in 2009 …

I set out to find my purpose, unapologetically. I set out to find the answer to what I am even doing here. The burning question that fuelled me was insatiable. It weighted on me and kept me up at night: “is this all that there is?”

My first mistake, was thinking that the answer was under a rock somewhere. You know the proverbial quest to find yourself, somewhere out there, in something else. I thought it was buried in education and achievements. But after investing six years and thousands of dollars earning my B.A. and M.A. degrees, I learned that I was wrong. Then I bought that condo, you know, maybe having a property of my own would do the trick. No cigar. It felt constraining and ended up costing me for years to come. So maybe it was my relationship, my job or my city that needed to change? Experiment after experiment, I would finally arrived at my answer. My purpose was not outside of me in SOME THING, SOME ONE or even SOME PLACE.

My purpose and my fulfillment is inside of me, up to me and defined by me.

Five years later, my unapologetic quest for living with purpose has taken on a momentum of its own. I went from single and employed to business owner and married (see our wedding dance video at the bottom of this page). I went from ashamed and depressed, to fulfilled and grateful. I went from seeking my purpose to falling in love and defining it. I fell in love with my Self, with one great man, and with my purpose here. Momentum happened when I least expected it. So, how did that happen, and why?

I believe that when you actively, consciously, and wholeheartedly pursue your purpose, momentum will find you. And it’s best to do so, unapologetically.

Since that point, I’ve been speaking and writing about my unapologetic ideas on love, life and business in the media and from the stage. In 2013, I penned my very first of a series of three books on the topic, and it became an Amazon.ca best-seller in Entrepreneurship and Self-Esteem within days. That book is called BYOB: The Unapologetic Guide to Being Your Own Boss, and you can buy it or learn more about it on My Book page. My consulting business is pretty rad too. It’s called Wedge15, and along with my husband/business partner and a team of three we help organizations build momentum for their projects where it matters most.

Courage, love and unapologetic self-leadership are the fuel to my fire. I express my joy as often as I can. How about you?

A quick peek at my words from stage …

Lip singing and dance moves to spread some joy …