What I Learned from Having 21 Jobs Before I Turned 30

What I Learned from Having 21 Jobs Before I Turned 30

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It took courage, going against popular convention, and patience for 15 years. I’m talking about the 21 jobs I moved through before I became my own boss in 2010. That’s what I spoke about last month, at an evening mixer with McGill University Alumni.

There’s one thing for sure: if anyone tells you that you should know your ideal career path out of school, slap them in the face for me please ☺… lovingly of course.

Mine was a winding road rich with surprises, lessons, and heartache to teach me my greatest lessons. It took me 10 years of trial and error to craft my ideal career by design. It’s ok if it takes you a few tries, or a few dozen. Just keep the #momentum going. After all of it, I’m deeply fulfilled with my life and career today, as the Co-Founder of my own Momentum Strategy company, Wedge15, and as a best-selling author that gets to travel and share my career and life lessons world-wide.

I gave a similar talk on this topic last year for the convocating class in Arts and Sciences, at the University of Toronto. Here is the full keynote with
Q & A if you’re craving a pick-me-up action plan today … enjoy boss!

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